Current Advising Information

Course registration for summer classes is currently underway.

The following information may be useful in planning your course selection.

Curriculum Updates

o There are courses on the summer schedule that may not be re-elected on your plan of study. The following is a list of those courses and the programs in which they may be used: 

MGMT 597 A Developing Global Leaders: European Management Perspectives
This course will once again be offered by Dr. Sebastien Point, Full Professor in International Management & Human Resource Management, Université de Strasbourg, EM Strasbourg Business School, Strasbourg (France) - MBA global elective or open elective/MLD context elective.

MNGMT 897A Fixed Income (shown on Finance plan of study as BUSAD 527)
Prerequisite: FIN 513. This course covers analysis and valuation of fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives.

  • The revised MBA curriculum is in effect for incoming students effective summer 2012. There are several changes that may affect students who matriculated prior to summer 2012.   
  • ACCTG 512 was replaced by ACCTG 511 Financial and Managerial Accounting. Any MBA student who has not yet taken ACCTG 512, should substitute ACCTG 511. These students have the choice of transitioning to the new curriculum or substituting another course for ACCTG 524 within their existing program. Any MBA student who is considering a concurrent degree with MFIN may wish to continue taking ACCTG 512 and ACCTG 524. Students who have taken ACCTG 512 must take ACCTG 524.
  • BA 517 is no longer a preprogram requirement. BUSAD option students who have taken BA 517 may apply the course toward their remaining open electives. Tis does not apply to students in other options who must choose from a list of restricted electives specific to their area of study. If you were not required to take BA 517 as a pre-program requirement, you are not affected by this change.
  • The new curriculum also provides for flexibility in meeting the ethics and technology requirements, specifically, the ethics requirement can be met by either BUSAD 551, BUSAD 534, or BUSAD 576. The technology requirement can be met by BUSAD 537, BUSAD 577, BUSAD 575, or BUSAD 835. Similar flexibility for Advanced Core Courses under the old MBA curriculum is not permitted except where a specific course is required for a specialized option. Please consult with your adviser so that any substitution is properly reflected on the program of study in your file.

o A number of advanced courses, particularly those in the specialized options, are available only once per year. You may want to consider this in planning the sequence of your courses. Refer to the Course Offerings document to see the expected offering schedule for all Management Division courses. Note that this may be subject to change depending on availability of faculty.

o There may be courses offered on the summer schedule that are not be reflected on your plan of study or list of electives. Most courses (other than foundation courses) can be used as open electives in the MBA program, including some offered in other divisions, assuming prerequisites are met.                                                                        

Faculty Advisers
The Faculty Adviser Assignment List is updated every semester to reflect any changes in the faculty. However, if you have an established relationship with a faculty member, you are welcome to continue to contact him or her for advisement. If you cannot reach your adviser, or your adviser is on sabbatical leave, please contact the Management Division at or call 610-648-3229 for assistance.

MBA, MLD, and MFIN Plans of Study (check sheets)
For your convenience, Plans of Study for the MBAMLD and MFIN programs are available on the school's website as well as prerequisites* for each course. It is recommended that you download your plan of study and course prerequisite list, as well as a copy of your transcript from eLion, before meeting with your adviser.
*(Please note that prerequisites on the University Registrar page may be University Park's. Always consult the Penn State Great Valley website or your Plan of Study for the correct prerequisites.)

Intent to Graduate 
When you are nearing graduation, you must file your Intent to Graduate via eLion. During this period, you may verify or change your graduation status. The dates to file your intent are as follows:

o Summer 2014: May 12 through June 20

Note: Future dates are posted on our website under "Academic Calendar".

Concurrent Degree Programs
Depending on the program selected, up to 12-15 credits can be applied toward a second degree at Penn State Great Valley.  However, you must be admitted to the second degree program before you graduate. Admission does not obligate you to complete the second program, but it does provide you with the option to apply those credits. You are awarded each degree separately and can walk in the commencement ceremonies for both if you wish. For more information, visit Concurrent Degrees, or the Division office.

Certificate Programs and Concentrations
Graduate certificate programs in finance, health sector management, and sustainability can now be completed concurrently with degree programs. For more information on any of these programs, visit Graduate Certificates, the Enrollment Management and Student Services Office, or the Division office. Concentrations in these and other areas are also available. Contact the Management Division at for more information.

Please feel free to contact the Management Division at or call 610-648-3229 if you have any questions regarding your program, course offerings, course content, concurrent programs, or any concerns that you might have. We are constantly striving to improve our programs and welcome feedback from you.