Raghvinder (Raghu) Sangwan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Software Engineering

Engineering Division


    • Requirements engineering, architecture and design of large software systems
    • Global software development


Professional Activities


    • December 2009. Requirements and Architectures for Secure Systems, Network and Security Research Center & Ben Franklin Partnership. $11,360. Co-PI.
    • May 2008.  Faculty Research and Scholarship Award, School of Graduate Professional Studies, Pennsylvania State University.


    • Ph.D. – Temple University
    • M.S. – West Chester University
    • M.Sc. – Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India
    • B.Sc (Hons.) – Haryana Agricultural University, India


    • SWENG 500 - Advanced Software Studio
    • SWENG 537 - Software Systems Design
    • SWENG 580 - Advanced Software Engineering
    • SWENG 585 - Pattern-Oriented Design
    • SWENG 587 - Software Systems Architecture
    • SWENG 588 - Program Understanding

Research Interests

    • Design, maintenance and evolution of large and ultra large software systems
    • Automatic and semi-automatic approaches to software systems quality


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Articles in Refereed Proceedings

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