MBA Learning Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of the MBA program, our graduates will

1. Integrate theory, research, and practice from all functional areas – accounting, economics, finance, marketing, operations research, management, and organization – to solve business problems within dynamic environments.

  • Demonstrate ability to integrate the various business functions to good effect.
  • Demonstrate appreciation of the role of contexts when developing and executing strategy.

2. Critically evaluate and make ethical decisions with consideration for multiple stakeholders.

  • Evaluate and analyze the ethical dimension of decision-making

3. Demonstrate communication behaviors that reflect an awareness of context, relationships, others’ perspectives, and individual as well as organizational goals.

  • Communicate their intended message clearly and professionally to individuals, teams, and external stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate an ability to engage in perspective taking and conflict management
  • Demonstrate an ability to adapt communication behaviors to dynamic, multicultural, and/or complex contexts.

4. Demonstrate an appreciation of technology as a strategic tool.

  • Identify and evaluate the functional, financial, operational, and social impact of technology.

5. Demonstrate knowledge of business in multicultural contexts and the opportunities and challenges of globalization.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of global markets and finance on business decisions