MSIS Curriculum Update

As part of Great Valley’s ongoing quality academic enhancement efforts, the master of science in information science (MSIS) degree program was recently updated. The program revisions were motivated by the School’s desire to meet the demands of continuous industry innovations. These include redirecting the program’s focus from “career-changers” and IT managers to “career-enhancers,” namely those individuals who wish to remain as information technologists, have significant years of experience, and are looking for a deeper understanding of technology. In addition, the program’s objectives are distinguished from the School’s MBA/MIT option, the master of software engineering program, and the master of engineering management program. Degree requirements went from 39 credits to 33, which consist of 18 credits of required core courses, 12 credits of approved electives, and 3 credits of an integrative capstone course that includes a master’s paper. These revisions will help Great Valley remain competitive with comparable local programs and broaden the regional impact of information science and its appeal to students who have a bachelor’s degree in information systems, information science, or other quantitative, scientific, or business disciplines, as well as those with experience in information technology.