If your Student Aid Summary reports low credit load

One criterion for a federal graduate student loan is enrollment in at least 5 credits when the loan request is made. When a Penn State student signs up for courses online, the registration system asks the student when signing off if s/he is finished at that time registering for the entire semester (which includes both 7-week sessions at Penn State Great Valley). The number of credits a student has signed up for at the time the student answers “Yes” to that question is the number of credits the University reports to the federal student loan system for that semester.

Loans are first estimated in an amount to cover tuition and fees at Great Valley rates for the number of credits the student reports at time of a loan request. If the student reports 3 credits, a loan will be denied because a minimum of 5 credits are required to be eligible for a federal student loan. The system does not search for an update in credit load if a student adds credits after claiming enrollment was complete.
If your loan request is denied because of a low credit load, and subsequently you have at least a 5-credit load, submit a written request for a loan reinstatement. See How to Request a Loan Reinstatement.

In the future, wait to claim that you are done enrolling for the semester until you have met the minimum credit load requirement.