The MBA at Penn State Great Valley

As part of Penn State Great Valley’s ongoing quality enhancement and commitment to remain current and responsive to stakeholders, the School has announced that it has revised its MBA curriculum. These changes were made with significant input from students, alumni, and corporate leaders and address three objectives:

  • To enhance the quality of the student’s academic experience;
  • To meet business and community needs more effectively; and
  • To provide better flexibility and tailoring of the individual student’s educational focus and interests.

This update enables the School to build upon its excellent program while addressing emerging changes in the business environment.  The total number of credits (45) to complete the new MBA program has not changed but includes these revisions:

  • Global business knowledge has been expanded through a new global course requirement in which students can select from a menu of offerings.
  • Communication skills development has been enhanced and is incorporated throughout the curriculum, including the areas of negotiation and the ability to influence others.
  • Ethical business practices and social responsibility are stressed through a new ethics course requirement in which each student can select from a menu of offerings.
  • Sustainability management skills are emphasized through the addition of new courses focusing on the “triple bottom line.”
  • Courses have been enhanced to further foster students’ abilities to think critically and flexibly, and to recognize and foster creative ideas, among other refinements.
  • Customization is enhanced through three electives, which students can use to tailor their program.  They can use electives to:
    • explore different content areas;
    • build expertise for an informal concentration in a specific area; or
    • earn a Graduate Certificate.
  • Graduate Certificates offer students opportunities for developing a distinctive competence in a focused area.  Graduate Certificates are offered in:
    • Finance (Corporate Finance; Financial Modeling; Financial Risk Management; Investment Management)
    • Health Sector Management
    • Sustainable Management Practices.
  • Graduate Certificates provide students with the added benefit of earning a second credential from Penn State.

* Current MBA students, who are in the early stages of their program, may be able to transition to the new curriculum.  Details will follow in a personal communication later this spring.

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