One Alternative Quartet: A 30-Year Musical Journey

Wednesday, November 13
7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Free, registration required. To register,
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It all began back in 1983 when an oboist and two guitarists decided to
compose and perform their own style of music. They wanted their sound to
be an alternative to other acoustic ensembles by using a unique instrument
lineup and by exploring different genres of music.
Today ONE ALTERNATIVE plays on with original members Jill Haley on
oboe and Mark Oppenlander on guitar with the addition of bassist Rob
Swanson and drummer Tony Deangelis. ONE ALTERNATIVE describes its
sound as an acoustic fusion that blends the compositional form of classical
music with the spontaneity of jazz and rock. The resulting mixture of these
elements is an ever-changing, enjoyable listening experience.
In this performance, the group will play music from their 30 years of
composing and performing in the Philadelphia area. The group will also share stories
and experiences from their 30-year musical career.