Raghunath Kallem, Manager, Installed Software Systems Support, McKesson Corporation

Raghunath Kallem

M.S. Software Engineering (2006) and MBA student

I came here from India, and first I worked as a consultant for IBM. I wanted to obtain more technical knowledge and develop my skills. In 2004, I started looking at schools, looking at faculty profiles and talking to admissions. I chose Penn State Great Valley because the campus is very conveniently located to my work and home, and the professors have great industry experience. In January 2005, I started my Master of Science in Software Engineering, which I completed in the summer of 2006. I took a semester off and decided to return to Penn State in January 2007 to work on my MBA, which I completed in December 2008.

The Software Engineering program helped me from a technical perspective. I became a consultant for McKesson in 2004 and joined full-time in 2005. I got promoted to a leadership role within five months of being there, and I feel that my being in the program contributed to this success. I applied what I learned from my Software Engineering courses right away, and my supervisor noticed it. Because he is very supportive of my school, I am able to balance my work and class schedule easily, although I am currently taking two classes each term so I have to give up some of my personal time.

Dr. Qiu in the Engineering division was wonderful. He taught some of my courses and was my mentor on my final project. He was great, has good connections, and I had a good experience working with him. I gained a lot of expertise in cutting-edge technology. The MBA is helping me immensely. Because I have more of a technical background, this is my first exposure to business topics such as accounting and finance. I am learning a lot in every class I have and am really enjoying it!

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