Melissa Lord

Melissa Lord

My undergraduate degree is in business, but after seven years working in marketing, I didn't feel fulfilled. I cast about for a change and attended classes at three universities in various fields. Talk about frustrating! The campuses seemed like mazes, and I was spending as much time finding things on campus as I was studying and going to classes. I felt like a number and even had trouble getting an adviser to return phone calls.

Before giving up completely, I decided to give Penn State Great Valley a try. I went to talk with Dr. Scheeler about a Special Education degree because observing a friend's work with Special Ed kids really excited me about that field. Dr. Scheeler and I clicked right away, and her enthusiasm and support convinced me to enroll. Two weeks into my first course here, I knew I'd found a discipline, a school, and a career that I would love.

Currently I'm still working full time in marketing, but since I work at Great Valley as well as going to school here, I really believe in my product! I use my lunch hour and the time between work and class to get some reading done, make lots of lists to keep my life on track, and count on my wonderful husband to feed me when I get home late and listen to me “teach” when I'm practicing class presentations.

But my life doesn't begin and end on campus. I love going to the beach and to Phillies games with my dad, and I take spinning and kickboxing classes at my gym. And retail therapy is important too!

When I graduate, I look forward to working with disabled children, although I'm still deciding which age group I'm best suited for. And since I love math, I may continue after graduation to get additional qualifications in that area.

Bottom line: Because I've attended other schools in the area, I can recommend Penn State Great Valley without reservation. I love having the bookstore, registrar, library, and my adviser accessible during the hours I'm available and within a stone's throw of one another. Small campus/Penn State degree. You can't beat that combination!

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