Eric May, Director of Pre Sales, Solution Consulting, FullTilt Solutions Inc.

Eric May

Master of Science in Information Science Alumni, Penn State Great Valley

I have a business background and found my career following a more technical track. I felt that I needed to improve that aspect of my career and skill set, with a special emphasis on technology in the business world.

I had multiple reasons for choosing Penn State Great Valley. The first reason was the Information Science program itself, which offered half the classes from the MBA program and the other half from the technology program, with a special emphasis on applying technology to business. It was a great blend of my background and interests, and it projected me in the direction my career was heading. The second reason was that Penn State is also where my undergraduate degree is from, and I knew it had a great reputation. The third reason was the class schedule. I like the shorter seven-week sessions, and the class times worked well with my schedule. Finally, the location of Penn State Great Valley is perfect, as it is in close proximity to work and home.

I obtained my Master of Science in Information Science in 2005. The program helped me look at everything much more strategically than before I went to school. Understanding a company's long and short term goals, how they'll make money now and in the future, and how technology will help them execute and realize a their strategic and tactical goals is invaluable.

Besides having a much more strategic mindset at work, I have extended it to my personal life as well. I appreciate much more the importance of networking, time management, and sales and marketing skills, whether you’re applying it to your job or to yourself.

Juggling a career, school, family, and personal life is not easy. But if it was easy, then everyone would have an advanced degree. You need to be realistic in what you can accomplish in a given day, week, and semester. Also, I had great support from my family. Everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of what the goal is.

I would suggest to anyone to take advantage of the experience in every way you can. Despite the fact that most students at one time or another will feel as if graduate school will never end, in hind sight, it does actually go fast. Use it to network, meet new people, learn, and ask questions.

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