Ajit Menon, Functional Architect, Comcast

Ajit Menon

MBA student

I decided to further my career in management, and I believe that education is the best stepping stone. I chose Penn State Great Valley because of several reasons: the school's reputation, the class time and program flexibility, the reasonable tuition, the convenient location-easily accessible from home and work, and the good alumni network. I started in January 2006 and I am planning to graduate in Summer 2009.

Since I started the program, I have moved away from a primarily software development role to a more functional role in the organization, and I feel that the program has benefited me tremendously. Striking the right balance between work, family, and school is critical to enjoying work and class. I like to spend time with my family, watch movies, read books, and browse the Internet. I work longer hours in the evenings I don't have class and have had to reduce time spent on television, watching movies, and so forth. But that is a very small price to pay for realizing my dream, and I really am enjoying every moment of the journey!

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