Jason Williams, Business Manager, Merck & Co., Inc.

Jason Williams

2007 MBA alumnus

I decided that I needed to pursue an advanced degree when I took notice of the highly talented individuals I would be competing against in my own company to progress in my career. I realized I needed to take action and pave a path for success.

I chose Penn State Great Valley because of the flexibility of the program and because of my desire to complete two courses per semester, but focus on one at a time. The seven-week accelerated course schedule is truly one-of-a-kind and a definite advantage. If life or work events took precedence and time off was needed for a short time, you could take time off without missing a full fourteen-week semester. I enrolled in the MBA, Business Administration option fall of 2004 and graduated after the fall semester in 2007.

Thanks to the program, I was promoted to a management position. The course work, projects, and learning enabled me to not only improve my performance in former positions, but provided me with speaking points in the interview. I have been able to incorporate something learned through the program into each and every day of my career. You get out what you put in! I also commenced my graduate studies at another institution and was extremely pleased that Penn State Great Valley valued other programs enough to accept the credits. This was a big factor in choosing the school to continue my studies.

Balancing school, my career, my family, and my passion for cycling was demanding, but there is no way around it. When you commit to doing something for yourself, you are forced to prioritize tasks and learn to be efficient. Everyone at Penn State Great Valley is a high class professional from the professors and the administrative staff to my student peers. I have made friends and mentors for life.

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