PSUTXT Emergency Messaging Service

Have you signed up for PSUTXT yet?

Penn State Great Valley encourages students to enroll in PSUTXT, an easy and accessible system that lets you know via cell phone when classes are canceled due to weather conditions or if the campus has an emergency situation. Sign up now for PSUTXT and, when necessary, we will send a text message alert directly to your cell phone and/or e-mail account.

To register, visit and click on the PSUTXT REGISTER button at the bottom of the page to sign up. Your subscription is free for this service, but your phone plan may charge for receiving text messages.

To receive only messages pertaining to Penn State Great Valley, select "Great Valley alerts" and deselect "University Park alerts."  To verify that you have subscribed, you will receive a text message at the cell phone number you provided. Then, follow the instructions you receive in order to validate your subscription.

You can also subscribe to receive these messages via e-mail using the same website referenced above.

All of Great Valley’s other emergency communication systems (e.g., student hotline, radio station, etc.) will remain in effect.  If you have questions about how Great Valley communicates with students during emergency situations, contact the campus at 610-648-3200 or visit our emergency procedures Web page.

If you have questions about the PSUTXT emergency notification system, please contact