How to request a summer semester loan

Unlike loans for the fall and spring semesters, loans for the summer sessions must be requested each summer semester by the student. 

Note: The summer semester is the third and final semester in the FAFSA academic year. Use the same FAFSA for a summer semester that you used for the previous spring and fall semesters.

To request summer loan funds:

  1. Enroll in five or more credits for the summer sessions.  
  2. Place a loan request online on or after April 1 of each year. From the eLion menu, choose Summer Direct Stafford Loan Request. If you have reached your Stafford Loan limit, consider applying for a Graduate Plus Loan. Choose “Plus Loan Request” on eLion and follow the prompts to request loan funds.
  3. Monitor your Student Aid Summary. If all criteria are in order, a loan estimate will show in your student account. The Student Aid Summary Checklist, customized to each student, provides instructions for completing the loan process. 
  4. Complete your registration. If your loan estimate will cover your University charges, go to Bills/Tuition/Other and complete your registration to settle your semester bill. If your loan estimate is higher than you’d like, see How to decrease your loan. If you need more funds to cover your educational obligations, see How to request a loan increase. If no loan shows in your account, and your criteria are in order, see How to request a loan reinstatement.

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