Student Loans

Penn State Great Valley Office of Student Aid 

Federal Student Loans
Penn State participates in the Federal Stafford and Graduate PLUS Direct Student Loan programs.  Graduate students who meet federal criteria can borrow up to $20,500.00 per academic year in the Stafford program, in maximum disbursements of $10,250.00 in any one semester. Eligible students who need additional funding may apply for a federal Graduate PLUS loan.

If you are a newly admitted student interested in a loan, click here.

All Great Valley students using federal loans follow these Steps in the Graduate Student Loan Process.

Penn State Great Valley students are typically eligible for a federal student loan when they are:

  • A U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
  • Formally admitted to a graduate degree program; and
  • Enrolled at least half-time (2 courses per semester)

All Great Valley loan recipients, review

Private Student Loans
Penn State Great Valley students not formally admitted to a master’s degree program or who are enrolled in fewer than five credits a semester are not eligible for federal student loans but may consider a private lender. Private loans are not administered by the University but information on them is available at Scroll down to “Lenders” and look for an institution which will consider non-degree students or students enrolled less than half-time.

Student Loans FAQ